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Entourage House Sells, Vince's Shenanigans Still Alive

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Not yet a full week after the Season 8 premiere, the Tuscan-style Encino, Calif., villa made famous by the HBO show Entourage has sold for $4.2M. It was here that Adrian Grenier's Vincent Chase spiraled into a drug- and alcohol-fueled haze toward the end of last season—oh, wait, never mind, that's fiction. Real-life stats of the real-life house: it's 9,010 square feet with seven bedrooms, eight baths, seven fireplaces, exposed beams, Venetian plaster, walnut flooring, marble and limestone surfaces, and the enormous circular driveway (stone fountain and all) where so many of the show's scenes were shot. The decadent digs first hit the market in October for $5.75M; don't tell Ari about the massive price chop, though—he's working out some serious anger-management issues.
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