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Roommates Find Hidden Cameras All Over Their Apartment

Today in creepiness, a pair of early-20s girls have found a bunch of hidden cameras disguised as smoke detectors and motion sensors positioned throughout the bathrooms and bedrooms of their Tampa, Fla., rental. The roommates are in the United States just for the summer and found their place through Sky Travel, a company that connects Bulgarian students with employers, hooks them up with visas, and secures their housing. They got suspicious when they saw cables leading to a locked closet, which turned out to contain "an electronic box and something that appeared to be a WiFi device." Naturally, the girls freaked out and are now concerned that their images have been splashed all over the Internet. "I was shocked," one of them said. "This is terrible. I never expected that this would happen to me and my friend." Although the landlord has a key to the apartment, there are no official suspects yet.

· Two women Bulgarian students find hidden cameras in apartment near Westchase [Tampa Bay via Gizmodo]