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Here Now, Furniture Made of Hundreds of Pounds of Glass Shards

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How pretty! A fuzzy-looking furniture set. Not so much; in fact, the dining table and chairs shown above are part of Breaking the Bottle, a new exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman II. Indeed, Reigelman has done just that, applying 1,000 pounds of broken glass (tumbled so it's not sharp) to objects ranging from a $520 book to a bearskin rug to that table, which happened to cost Reigelman $9,250. "By fusing elements of protection with objects of the home, my installation debates the need for fervent homestead defense while pointing out the repercussions of over-protection and the impact it has on social dialogue,” he said in an artist's statement. All righty then! Click over to Co.Design for additional photos. Then spend the rest of your afternoon pondering whether your own "homestead defense" is as "fervent" as it could be.

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