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On Bikini's Birthday, Five Beach Houses for Strutting Your Stuff

Today marks the 65th birthday of the bikini swimsuit, which debuted to gasps at the Piscine Molitor in Paris, France on July 5, 1946. With that in mind, here are five exotic modern manses perfect for honoring the skimpy swimwear. This $21.7M villa on the French Caribbean protectorate of Saint Barthélemy, with it's beachfront swimming pool, sundeck, and garden, might be the single best place to rock the two-piece. Just watch out for the island's famously fashion-conscious visitors, like designer Liz Claiborne, whose own one-bedroom villa is currently marketed at $13M.

? Back in France—Eze, France to be exact—this glassy Riviera villa has a picturesque, crescent-shaped swimming pool that looks tailor-made for lazing about in the water, and the antics out front are visible through the wall of glass that spans the living space. Five bedrooms and a garage round out this $15.2M offering.

? Out on the Spanish island of Mallorca, sun-kissed mega-mansions are a dime a dozen, fueled by frequent visits from Arab potentates and the jet-set. This massive manor, set atop a prominent hill, ensures the buyer a measure of bragging rights even in the rarified company. The 26,500-square-foot villa enjoys sweeping views through the picture windows, a grassy pool area, and eight bedrooms. The price is an eye-popper, at $73M.

? Greek islands know how to cozy up to deep-pocketed vacationers, but at more more agreeable prices. This six-bedroom spread, dubbed Villa Amos, sits on a hillside on Mykonos. The traditional construction lends the place a rustic vibe, with the stone wall providing a smidgeon of privacy for bikini-clad bathers. A ten minute walk from town, this villa is asking $5.39M.

? The bikini might have originated in France, but it has achieved apotheosis on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Removed from the hustle and bustle of Copacabana and Ipanema, this three-bedroom villa offers gorgeous views of the ocean without the crowds. Still, that sort of privacy isn't free. This lush estate costs close to $3M.

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