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HOA Claims Army Vet's Proposed Home Would Ruin Property Values

Something's brewing in the affluent Augusta, Ga., suburb, and it ain't whiskey! The Knob Hill Homeowners Association has made national news for its failure to greenlight the construction of a home for Sean Gittens, a disabled Army vet getting assistance from Homes for our Troops. The HOA, headed by a man named Rick Trump, has provided a robust trio of reasons why: Ahem, ahem:

1) The house is too small.
2) Homes for our Troops never provided the necessary paperwork.
3) The house would "drag down the value of their homes, either because of the style of the home or the size."

As luck for the HOA would have it, the Gittens are through with these shenanigans and are looking to settle down elsewhere. As Gawker astutely points out, "They just don't feel welcome in Knob Hill for some reason."

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