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Guy Builds At-Home Tavern and Ends Up on The Marriage Ref

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On Sunday night's episode of The Marriage Ref (that semi-amusing NBC show where couples air their grievances before a panel of celebrity judges), Tracy Morgan, Susie Essman, and Regis Philbin were tasked with determining the fate of a man who constructed an entire 18th-century tavern in the storage room of his Tennessee home. "When I came home, I opened the door to the storage room, and there was a tavern," explains his wife, who later adds, "That is not normal." Meanwhile, the husband—a self-professed "history junkie" who works as a park ranger/reenactor at a state historic area, calls the tavern a "sanctuary," and believes it will help boost the resale value of the house. "I can't think of anybody who would come to a house and be like, 'Oh, it has a tavern, let's offer more money,'" his wife retorts skeptically. All this, and the guy already has a man cave: "His sense of design doesn't match my taste or anybody's taste," says his wife. Toward the end of the show, Tracy Morgan offers this pearl of wisdom in favor of this husband: "You ain't going to Hooters, you're going right to the next room." Watch the footage after the jump.

Video: Musket Love:

Video: Tracy Morgan, Susie Essman, and Regis Philbin Deliberate:

Video: The Final Call:

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