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As Jersey Shore Winds Down, Nostalgic Homes for the Cast

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With rumors swirling that the current Jersey Shore cast would be replaced by MTV for the sixth season, we decided to take a look around Seaside Heights, N.J. for a place for America's favorite guidos and guidettes to settle once the network kicks them to the curb. Provided the Jersey Shore house isn't still for rent, that is. Maybe the cast could pool their substantial paychecks and pony up for this beachfront spread, where Snooki can spot gorillas from the deck. The place only has three bedrooms, but then again the cast is used to sharing bedrooms. Could they split the $1.1M price tag?

? If the Shore vets are willing to drop even more on their new digs, there's always this amenity rich pile with a dock, but a pool would be extra. The shingled manse, asking $1.39M, has six bedrooms, which still isn't enough to give the cast their own rooms. Plus, there's still some painting to do, because we can't see an Italian flag/Cadillac/New Jersey outline anywhere on the premises.

? A short walk from the beach, this $765K six-bedroom offers maximum sleeping space, but only one full bathroom, making getting done up to go out a competitive affair. Impractical, maybe. Premise for a spin-off, almost certainly. Too bad the large roof deck is going to need a hot tub if the late-night antics are to continue.

? The outdoor entertaining spaces of this bayfront might be commodious, but they're certainly not stylish—gravel, concrete, and wood. If the astro-turfed decks of the Shore house are any indication, that will be just fine with the cast, who will be upgrading to a full-sized pool and a dock, provided they pony up the $1.19M.

? Lastly, if those MTV paychecks weren't quite as large as we might have assumed, there's this 1930s fish shack that's been in the same family for 80 years. Not much to look at, the two bedroom cottage is just 400 feet from the beach. Is there any chance the The Situation wants to get involved with some historic preservation? That's the $665K question.

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