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Come, Let's Tour Greenwich's Most Expensive Waterfront House

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It takes a lot to impress us when talk turns to Greenwich, Conn. After all, $20M properties in these parts seem like a dime a dozen. And when houses come to market, even in the single-digit-millions range, often you've heard of the seller.

Here's something that passes muster: a 1903 waterfront property known as "Point of View," which has just sold for $39.5M, making it the highest price ever paid for a waterfront home in town.

The grounds boast more than four acres, 340 feet of Long Island Sound shoreline, and a suspension bridge designed by John Roebling & Sons, the firm that counts the Brooklyn Bridge among its credits. The interiors boast 20,777 square feet, six bedrooms, nine full and seven half baths, and a ballroom that somehow transforms to an indoor pool. At the moment, the only Greenwich property that comes close to this grandiosity is estate of the late Leona Helmsley, which just hit the market again for $42.9M. If it sells at ask, it will trump Point of View by nearly $3.5M.

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