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Arch Digest Publishes One of Gwathmey's Final Projects

Photos by William Abranowicz/Arch Digest

In its new August issue, Arch Digest devotes quite a few column inches to a St. Barts family compound designed by the late, great architect Charles Gwathmey, who passed away in August 2009. This was one of Gwathmey's last challenges, a project for a long-time client who asked the architect to work his magic while respecting the bounds of the island's strict building ordinances. Gwathmey's understudy, Kang Chang, eventually finished the pavilion several months after the architect's death, but there is no denying the famed modernist's aesthetic in the sparse selection of materials and sheer simplicity of form. We rarely use the word "heavenly," but this place indubitably deserves it. View more envy-inducing photos of the island retreat over here.

· Charles Gwathmey’s St. Barts Paradise [Arch Digest]