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Buy a Private Island With Creature Comforts Galore For $110M

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If there's anything the Wall Street Journal's recent story on private islands accomplished, it was convincing us that owning a private island is really friggin' cool. Sure, the one in Sweden is sweet, but there's something even more alluring about the Caribbean, no? Enter a fortune of $110M and Cave Cay, a 250-acre private island in the Bahamian archipelago of Exuma Cays. On the market for more than a year, Cave Cay has 35 dock slips, a 2,800-foot private airstripe, water and power supplied by diesel generator, beaches, and grassy grounds. Some of the island's 38 buildings (totaling 70,000 square feet of living space) have been built; others are in the works, but all-in-all the price includes approvals for a marina, a hotel, a clubhouse, a three-story houseboat, a two-story residence, a restaurant, staff suites, and oh, so much more. Consdering what $110M normally buys, we'd say this is a bargain. Feast on the photos above.

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