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Guy Pimps Out Scuzzy "Couch of Gods" From Inception

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Craigslist furniture ads with three exclamation points officially have us at hello, particularly ones that scream the words "Couch of Gods!!!" Turns out some guy in Auburn, Ala., is trying to pawn off just that on Craigslist for the majestic price of $150. Here's a snippet from the posting: "What's this? A couch? No, my friend, it's THE couch. This is the practical decorum of your upholstered dreams. Don't believe me? The next time you dream, take a close look at the furniture. This couch is there, chillin' like a boss in the corner. This couch has Inception'ed your mind (pics for proof.)" Later, he points out, "[T]his couch has a treasury embedded in it. Need a quarter? Reach in and grab a damn quarter. Endless supply. The snack machine won't even see your suave ass coming, you quarter-toting playboy, you." We can't say it's the best Craigslist couch ad of all time, but it's a close contender.

Here's the full posting:

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