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Martha Stewart's "Guillotine" Patio Chairs for Kmart Settle Up

Exploding patio tables, please move over! There's a new Martha Stewart-branded troublemaker in town, and he can also be found in the patio furniture section of Kmart: Martha Stewart for Kmart patio chairs. Three plaintiffs, in Kentucky, Illinois, and New York state, have just settled with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Kmart for injuries suffered: one had to have two fingers amputated, another had a finger amputated, and one lost the tip of her left pinky finger. According to a Chicago Tribune report, "the lounge chairs' legs are defective and snap forward, 'serving as a guillotine' for fingers and hands caught between the legs and the chair." Even after the lawsuit was originally filed, in 2008, the chairs continued to be sold and were later redesigned to—well—not snap people's digits off. As for the settlement, the exact sum remains confidential.

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