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Own a Spectacular Swiss Castle in the Countryside, Tower Included

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Chateau El Masr, in Cologny, Switzerland, is a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom castle that has a fable's volume of lives to share. In the late 18th century, the owner's son, an architect, built its tower to resemble the Champel Tower in nearby Geneva, using leftover materials to create an near-exact replica. The next owner had a chateau constructed on the property—he named it El Masr, or "the Egyptian," after his recent travels to Egypt. The Neo-Tudor architecture, rare for the area, has been left alone while the interiors have been updated over the years, with chandeliers, marble fountains, and statuary all hailing from Italy. Plus, the brokerbabble touts features we don't see every day, such as "crenels, machicolations, and a seigniorial chapel." Alas, all this glitz and glam demands more than just a serf's salary: price is available, of course, upon request.

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