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Watch New HGTV Star Dina Manzo Recreate Texas on Staten Island

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We had been waiting on pins and needles to check out what Real Housewife of New Jersey and event decorator Dina Manzo could bring to HGTV since the network announced her new show in April. Joy of joys, Dina's Party sneak previewed this week (although the official launch date for the half-hour series is Sept. 10). In the premiere episode, Manzo is tasked with designing a Texas-themed going-away party for Broadway star Andrew Wilkinson and his partner, ABC anchor Ron Corning, who are moving from NYC to Dallas. (We take comfort in knowing that Corning and Wilkinson will be good decorating hands once they arrive in down South.) Anyway, the party is to be a surprise gift from Wilkinson to Corning, and Manzo suggests they opt for something along the lines of an "Italian hoedown" or a "spaghetti Western." After it's settled that the festivities will take place in a family member's new house on Staten Island, Manzo remarks, "Where else would you have a Texas-themed party but Staten Island?" Watch a video clip of the transformation after the jump; aside from the full-room saloon, be sure to pay extra attention to the "cowboy grove" out back, the Italy-shaped cake, and the saddle-shaped cannoli.

The Video:

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