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Come Take a Tour Through Vera Wang's Glassy New Estate

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Fashion designer Vera Wang has just bought a Beverly Hills modern for $9.2M, and we found more details and fairly spectacular photos on and The Real Estalker. The sexy, 4,400-square-foot abode was scooped up for $5M a few years ago by architectural designer and house-flipper extraordinaire Steve Hermann, who shelled out $3M to renovate it into a stunning series of minimalist pavilions. (Hermann most recently listed the property in March for $10.9M and gave Wang a 16 percent discount.) It's not difficult to see what the biggest name in bridal and husband Arthur Becker found appealing about this place, what with twelve-foot ceilings, white flooring, and sliding glass walls inside, not to mention a pool, spa, and multiple terraces on the grounds beyond. Sounds like just the place to soak in the SoCal rays and let all worries of tax-troubled NYC apartments fade away.

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