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Letter From Andy Warhol's Landlord Asks Him Not to Party

There's a seemingly limitless roster of NYC haunts famous for their connections, big and small, to Andy Warhol, but none have ever been as famous as The Factory, the studio where the artist partied with his very famous friends in the '60s. Yet not even Warhol himself was exempt from the rules: above is a snippet from a letter sent to him in 1965 by his landlord in protest of all the revelry. "We understand that they are generally large parties and are held after usual office hours," wrote Elk Realty president Alfred Goldstein, later adding, "Your lease, of course, does not permit such use and occupancy and you [sic] hereby directed not to have any such parties in this building." Goldstein sounds like loads and loads of fun, but considering the parties continued at The Factory until 1968, he was also pretty much ineffective.

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