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Three-Bedroom Apartment Happens to Contain 300 Creepy Dolls

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The premiere episode of new TLC reality show My Collection Obsession will feature Marilyn Mansfield, a plus-size model who keeps hundreds and hundreds of dolls within the confines of her three-bedroom apartment on Staten Island, N.Y. Mansfield treats her wide-eyed collectibles as children, bestowing upon them numerous creature comforts: "four baby carriages, four strollers and two baby baskets along with a baby seat, car seat, cradle, bassinet, rocking chair, dresser, playpen and full-size crib, all of which she uses to coddle her insentient loved ones," reports AOL Real Estate incredulously. Below, find a preview clip of the show, which kicks off Sunday night.
Video: Marilyn Mansfield on My Collection Obsession

· Unreal Estate: Model Keeps 300 'Children' in 3BR Apartment [AOL Real Estate]