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Come Take a Tour Through Frank Lloyd Wright's Cooke House

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Photos: FLW Beach House

The Andrew B. & Maude Cooke House, one of three Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses in Virginia, first caught the eye of our cousins over at Curbed DC in June. But today we're taking a second look at the property, which was designed in 1953 after Wright received the following letter from his soon-to-be clients: "Dear Mr. Wright, Will you please help us get the beautiful house we have dreamed of for so long?" Construction began in 1959, two weeks before the architect's death.

Set on Crystal Lake in Virginia Beach, the 3,000-square-foot Cooke House boasts the solar hemicycle shape the architect became so famous for, with a curved, brick-clad exterior and a cantilevered copper roof. Although Wright's original design didn't include a pool, the next owners, who bought the house in 1983, added swim spa/hot tub as part of a massive restoration that also included central air and a large underground bunker containing a sauna and a gym. The Cooke House (the main house and a "servants' cottage") still boasts many of Wright's original details and furniture—brick and cypress walls, for example, and a 40-foot-long couch that he designed specifically for the great room. List price: $3.75M.

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