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It's a Trompe L'Oeil Travesty Inside This City Pied-à-Terre

Bryant Park Place, located in midtown Manhattan, is a distinguished pre-war building that was originally built by Andrew Carnegie to house the Engineer's Club. Well, those engineers might have been focused on structure, but even they would have objected to the trompe l'oeil treatment on the walls of this one-bedroom co-op. Normally, we might expect this from an attempt to convert a sprawling apartment into some version of a palace, but this place, measuring just 750 square feet, reflects even greater delusions of grandeur. The apartment is currently on the market for $645K, but is also available for rent for $3K a month. We envy the gall of someone who leases this apartment without getting the landlord to swap out the wallpaper.
· 32 West 40th Street [Elliman]