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Ultimate Man Cave For Sale in Un-Macho Texan Traditional

In journalism, it's called burying the lede; in real estate listings, it's called not mentioning the most awesome feature of a house for reasons unknown. The brokerbabble that accompanies this 4,200-square-foot, five-bedroom Houston house, on the market for $975K, touts the property's "loads of features (too many to mention)." Let's get mentioning! While the interiors are perfectly presentable, what stands out about this place is clearly the combo platter man cave/garage, a space marked by vintage signage, old vinyls, a crimson-topped pool table, '50s-style metal barstools, steely hanging lights (wires exposed, of course), various farmhouse doors, and a sliding glass-plated garage door. There's no mention of hydraulics, but we're pretending they play a factor, too—just because it sounds cool and manly. One thing's for sure: a man cave like this doesn't come around that often. Adam Carolla would certainly be proud.

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