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The (New) Tallest Building in the World: All the Must-Know Stats

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The clever cats over at Gizmodo have broken out their trusty TI-82s and simplified, for the masses, how to best comprehend the astounding stats of the tallest buildings in the world. (Infographics: we like them!) If that skinny one on the far left doesn't look familiar, it's because it hasn't actually been built yet; the Kingdom Tower, soon to rise in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will be the tallest building in the world once complete, beating out Dubai's Burj Khalifa. Earlier reports estimated its height as one mile, but the official word is 3,280 feet, or one kilometer. That's more than 560 feet taller than the Burj.

Other Kingdom Tower vitals:
· Builder: Kingdom Holding, the Saudi firm owned by billionaire businessman Prince Alwaleed
· A total cost of $1.2B to build
· A Four Seasons Hotel, Four Seasons residences, office space, condos, etc.
· 59 elevators (traveling 22.3 miles an hour up to the observation deck)
· 12 escalators
· A 98-foot-diameter penthouse at floor 157
· Total space: 500,000 square meters (about 5.7M square feet)

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