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Luxurious Seaside Residences for America's Well-Heeled Surfers

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Surfing has been stereotyped as the sport of slackers and ne'er-do-wells practically since its inception, but there have been plenty of people who chased waves and a career at the same time. Lee Clow, the 69-year-old advertising genius behind Apple's 1984 commercial and the "Think Different" tag line, still paddles out into the Southern California surf each summer, and he's done well enough for himself that he could probably afford this Malibu, Calif. beach house. Located in the coveted—and guarded—Malibu Colony, the five-bedroom, 3,800-square-foot spread lies just a short walk down the beach from the break at Zuma and is asking an eye-watering $11.75M.

? This list wouldn't be complete without a visit to Hawaii and what better place to touch down in America's surfing capital than the North Shore of Oahu, home to some of some of the country's biggest, most reliable waves. This four-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot oceanfront home runs a heady $3.5M, but sits less than a mile north of legendary Waimea Bay in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

? Those in search of giant waves are best served by the daunting swells that strike a certain northern California break known as Maverick's. Located just north of the point, this Moss Beach, Calif. home doesn't have a particularly stylish vibe, but for a deep-pocketed big wave surfer looking for a place to stash his boards, this $1.15M spread could be just the ticket with its 8,800 square feet.

? Among the most famous East Coast surf locales, Montauk, N.Y., at the eastern tip of Long Island, has seen an influx of big city cash in recent years, driving up property values and irritating some long-time locals. Anyone who could afford this massive seaside spread, currently priced at $50M, should probably throw a few parties to ingratiate themselves with those locals before heading out into the lineup. They'd sure have the space for a shindig, what with a 7,000-square-foot house and 35.5-acres of oceanfront.

? Putting a New Hampshire surf spot on this list alongside such legends might seem a little nuts, after all, does the Granite State even have a coastline? Well, yes, and the hearty surfers who bear the cold to ride winter swells in and around North Hampton, N.H. are among the sport's most dedicated. At least this 4,100-square-foot, $1.2M Victorian has hilltop views of the ocean from the master bedroom, so the buyer/surfer doesn't have to get all suited up just to check the surf.
· 23356 Malibu Colony Road [Trulia]
· 59-615 Ke Iki Road [Trulia]
· 70 Bernal Avenue [Trulia]
· 42 Old Montauk Highway [Trulia]
· 1852 Victorian [Tate & Foss]