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Mattress With Heart-Shaped Placenta Stain For Sale For $500

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Placentas seem to be everywhere these days, from the newest foodie trend to, well, Craigslist. Speaking of, someone in Dallas has been trying to unload a queen-size, year-old Tempur-Pedic that for all intents and purposes appears to be a pretty boring-looking (albeit plush, fancy) mattress: "It will conform to your body perfectly and feels like you are sleeping on a cloud without any of the painful pressure points, tossing and turning, etc." The only hitch?
"Although there are some slightly noticeable afterbirth stains on one side of the mattress (see bottom picture), they have been thoroughly sanitized and are also shaped like a heart. This could be a romantic addition for anyone looking to add that extra spark to your love life. Placenta/bloodstains easily covered by your favorite linens. Whether you are looking for a good-luck charm to help with a child of your own or simply recognize the luxurious comfort of a top-quality mattress at a superb value, this mattress is sure to satisfy." And...let the Tempur-Pedic crisis-control PR meeting commence now.

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