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Here's a Scene From Marimekko's Textile-Printing Factory

This month's Dwell peeks inside Marimekko's 43,000-square-foot printing factory in Helsinki, Finland. Some vital stats: the facility churns out 6,500 yards of patterns daily on cottons imported from Germany, Peru, Turkey, and the Baltics, and everything is screen printed in old-school style, with colored inks spread over silk-screening prints by hand. "We trust our professionals,” production manager Anu-Mari Salmi said. “They have the know-how in their hands." Two-hundred-nineteen-degree steam, as well as 203-degree water, seal the color and shrink the textiles to its final size. Above: Lappuliisa fabric is cut and rolled. H over here for a full tour, and over here to glimpse what's new with Marimekko for fall.

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