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Many Princely, Palatial Pads On The Market in Paradise Valley

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Paradise Valley, Ariz., the small, affluent town outside Scottsdale—not to be confused with Paradise Valley Village in Phoenix—is comprised of sprawling estates topped with palatial private residences, a personal manifestation of Southwestern sprawl. For its small size and remoteness, many bold-faced names have made homes here, including boxers Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson, former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, and former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle. And with 12 resorts, the wealthy community of only 5,000 households also takes the honor of one the state's biggest tourist destinations. With the economic downturn, though, the area has been hit with a rash of sales attempts—multimillion-dollar houses many times over left lingering on the market. Included is this $22M estate in the humorously titled Mummy Mountain development that measures 40 acres and features a 13,000-square-foot main house. Its 18-foot ceilings, huge glass doors, a 55-foot game room, a circular swimming pool, and dramatic landscape lighting make the case for this massively expensive spread, but with so many other options in the area a $22M outlay might seem excessive.

? This Paradise Valley spread is asking $18M—four million less than the previous place—and this one includes a gas station and a movie theater. Well, at least some rich guy's nostalgic replicas of a gas station and a movie theater. The ticket booth is creepily occupied by some sort of doll and the faux petrol station looks a little too shiny and clean, but there's so much space in this 17,000-square-foot mansion that there must be a space for everyone. The only trouble is there's so much house and not enough yard: the property measures just 4.8 acres.

? Built in 2010, this desert palace looks like it's been left uninhabited since then, with only paltry attempts made at staging. That seems like a lack of effort on the part of the current owners and broker until you consider how expensive it would be to secure furnishings for a 15,600-square-foot luxe mansion. Still, they're going to have to start working a bit harder to move the seven-bedroom, $15.9M house.

? Now this place has the staging down, with elegant lighting and fully furnished outdoor spaces, but that hasn't done much for the sale, at least not yet. Put on the market three months ago for $9.65M, the 9,000-square-foot estate sits close to the renowned Paradise Valley Country Club.

? Millionaire bargain hunters looking for a place in Paradise Valley might be best served by this 10,000-square-foot mansion listed for $5.2M. Out back there's a lagoon-like swimming pool with boulders and waterfalls, while inside, an actual hunter seems to have had their way with the great room. There must be something we're not understanding about the local market, because this place seems like a little too much of a deal, provided one can stomach the decor.

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