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Inside the Opulent, Over-the-Top New Versace Wonderland

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Will the new Missoni condos please stand up? And then please shimmy to the side just a little bit. Versace's playing the hotel and residences game again, and they're not messing around. Set to open early next year in Dubai's new Culture Village, Palazzo Versace will consist of 213 hotel rooms and 169 residences—1,500 square feet for a one-bedroom unit, 14,200 square feet for a six-bedroom unit—all featuring the fashion brand's lavish fabrics, not to mention marble flooring and mosaics. Outside, there's somewhere in the neighborhood of a zillion pools, including a lagoon pool, ornamental pools, reflecting ponds, and, of course, the requisite private pools. Common facilities include a spa, a restaurant, bars, and—just so everything matches—an on-site Versace boutique. This sounds fun: where do we sign up?
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