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Round 3, Group 1: Matthew Gryzwinski vs. Joshua Cain

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Kicking off right this second with the very elite Elite Eight: Round 3 of Curbed's Hottest Week. First up, it's Matthew Gryzwinski of NYC-based architecture firm Gryzwinski + Pons, the guys behind the Hotel on Rivington and the brand-new Nolitan hotel, both in NYC. "Not only is he easy on the eyes, he's super smart and funny. And Straight. A miracle!" wrote the tipster who nominated Gryzwinski last week. Today, he's pitted against Joshua Cain, the 29-year-old founder of Saxony Design Build, a Burbank, Calif.-based design and remodeling firm that makes regular appearances on LXTV's Open House. How will the boys of summer fare? Only time will tell: voting begins now and ends, as usual, at 10 a.m. EST tomorrow.

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