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West Coast Weekend Rentals for Hurricane-Shy East Coasters

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With Hurricane Irene bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard, right coast residents might be best served by jumping ship to the West Coast for a few days to avoid the high seas, higher winds, and general storm-related frustrations. These five weekend rentals offer up a place in the sun and some, like this waterfront cottage near Point Reyes, Calif., have views of more placid waters. For rent for $250 per night, the one-bedroom wood structure probably wouldn't fare well during a hurricane. Good thing Irene is 3,000 miles away. San Francisco airport on the other hand is located just 60 miles south.

? Down the coast in Big Sur, this three-bedroom escape has more space and even better water views, set against dramatic lush hillsides. Pricey at $700 per night and not terribly accessible—it's a 3.5 hour drive south of SFO—this house is at least luxurious enough to justify the inconvenience.

? Still further south, in the relatively unknown oceanfront town of Cayucos, Calif., this offbeat beach house has a quirky look that might not to everyone, but at least there are plenty of distractions to take minds off the weather back home. For the $248 per night rental fee, this two-bed, two-bath spread provides a billiards table, easy access to the beach, and a hot tub.

? Those looking for a more traditional feel in a more familiar destination would be matched well to this Santa Barbara, Calif. townhouse. No water views here, but two bedrooms for $250 per night in such a coveted township isn't such a bad deal. Especially considering the modern fixtures and just a little funkiness with that pottery stove on the balcony.

? For some real California flavor, we'd be hard pressed to find a better spot than this one-bedroom rental in the Hollywood Hills. Renting for just $100 per night, the guest house has direct views of the famous Hollywood Sign and a distant look at the Griffith Park Observatory. Needless to say—this is LA—a car rental is a necessary add on.
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