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Cubicles the "Single Worst Evil in the World," Say Archi-Critics

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Hate your cubicle with a gutteral, visceral, ceaseless intensity? Turns out there's a scientific reason why: it's architecturally unsound. Not at all the "dynamic office space" it was originally intended to be, it is, in fact, the result of "some accounts receivable guy, or whatever, deciding to save money by squeezing four people into a space that should only hold two," according to Three Walls, a new documentary by filmmaker Zaheed Mawani. Through Mawani's investigation, we learn that the creator of the cubicle, on his deathbed, "apologized for unleashing the single worst evil in the world" and that the name cubicle itself is "a bit of a misnomer. It's really 'systems furniture'—and we say 'systems' because in its original intent and design it's really a kit of parts that you can assemble and disassemble and reassemble in any number of configurations." Bob Propst, who designed the world's first official office cubicle in 1967, "identified the four-walled cubicle as the worst possible application of [systems furniture]." See? All this proves your wrath is totally justified.

Three Walls - Excerpt

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