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Flat in NYC's Carlyle Hotel Costs $38K Per Month Just to Maintain

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Location: New York, N.Y.
Price: $17,500,000
The Skinny: Even in the pricey NYC real estate market, a deep-pocketed denizen with a rental budget of around $38K per month could lease something pretty spectacular. On the market now in that price range: a 20-foot townhouse on East 73rd Street, a three-bedroom condo in the Time Warner Center, a regal five-bedroom spread on Central Park West and a celeb-ready townhouse in the West Village. But not this three-bedroom full-floor apartment in the tower of the Carlyle Hotel. In order to live here, first one would have to plunk down the $17.5M asking price, and only then have the privilege of paying $38K per month in maintenance. Granted, that astronomical tally includes twice-daily maid service and access to the Carlyle's concierge, but anyone who needs to go hunting for justification probably shouldn't be signing up to pay $456K a year in maintenance fees. That said, the apartment, despite its minuscule kitchen, is spectacular, with sweeping views of Central Park and the Midtown skyline from its perch high atop the lauded hotel.
· 35 East 76th Street [BHS]
· 171 East 73rd Street [Streeteasy]
· 80 Columbus Circle [Streeteasy]
· 135 Central Park West [Streeteasy]
· 88 Bedford Street [Streeteasy]