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Five Megamansions in the Caribbean's Most Famous Tax Haven

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Curbed has removed the images previously published on this page.

The Cayman Islands have been a tax haven since the days of Weekend at Bernie's and the original Wall Street. The curious thing is that once the tax dodgers are done with the dodging they go and splash out on an extravagant island getaway. We don't even want to know what kind of tax savings are necessary to justify the purchase of this $60M beachfront behemoth, called Castillo Caribe. The 48,000-square-foot mega-mansion fronts on a spectacular white sand beach and boasts cavernous interior spaces that make this place seem more like a private resort than a home, for better or worse. Not surprisingly, the listing focuses more on the "tax neutral environment" than the luxe features.

Sea Wind, a $10M mansion on the beach at North Sound is a little short on listing description, but at 23,000 square feet it's sure to pack some luxury features. There's a boat house, vaulted ceilings, an expansive chef's kitchen, and a sea-view bathtub, along with a party-ready pool and patio, and that's just in the photos.

This seafront estate, dubbed Brisas del Mar (apparently a common name in all languages), is listed for $9.4M, but, like the last place, has a listing that's short on details. Here's what we do know: the 14,000-square-foot residence includes nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a three-car garage, and a caretakers residence.

The brokerbabble returns with a vengeance on the listing for Villa del Mare, located on the white sand beaches of Rum Point. Despite the spectacular location and similar space—14,550 square feet—compared to the last place, this seaside manse is listed for $7M, which is starting to sound like a deal in these parts. The broker really fawns over this one, even the width of the lot: "The double width of 200ft increases the sense of grandeur and gives due deference to the stately proportions of this luxury beach front Villa."

Casa Coyaba is a $12.8M Caribbean castle with 19,000 square feet, eight bedrooms, 12 baths, a 1,000-square-foot great room, two professional-grade kitchens with walk-in freezers, a tennis court, and a $1M home automation system. Plus, this place is being sold completely furnished, right down to the $8K custom mattresses, silk and linen sheets, and All Clad pans.

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