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Ikea Creates Personalized Bedrooms From Facebook Statuses

Today in creepy-yet-awesome, Ikea has just launched Happy To Bed, a new digital feature in which the Swedish furnishings chain's long tentacles reach deep within the ether of the Internet, grab hold of Facebook statuses, and use them to personalize virtual bedrooms. Here's how: Users are first asked who's in their bedroom—one person, two people, two people and a baby—and how long they've been sharing their bedroom with said people. Then the on-screen graphic changes to a gray background, upon which a "cube" of Facebook statuses—words, expressions, etc.—takes shape. Finally, the screen switches over to a room, and a stern-sounding British guy (who addresses each user by name, by the way) narrates a tour. In said tour: Ikea furniture and accessories (the click-and-buy feature is for UK users only so far), of course, as well as Facebook photos digitally "mounted" onto Ikea frames. We're not sure what the algorithm is—it may very well be the case that there are only a few bedrooms applied sloppily to location, marital status, and so on, but in terms of Friday distractions, this is a really must-see. Click over to get started.

· IKEA Happy to Bed [YouTube via PR Newser]