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High Above Los Angeles, Glassy Penthouse Spares No Bling

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Unit 2301 of the L.A. luxury high-rise building known as The Californian is a four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 6,480-square-foot penthouse that's been on the market for three months with an ask of $11.995M. As if the listing photos don't adequately convey, everything about this place is magnified: the double-height walls of glass, the gargantuan fiber-optic chandelier, the sweeping views of the city and ocean beyond. Our compadres over at AOL Real Estate call that spiral staircase—truly a focal point in an otherwise bland room!— a "calorie gobbler," but something tells us that the glamourpuss who scoops this place up won't be in the habit of "gobbling" anything but fine Brut and teeny spoonfuls of caviar.

· 10800 Wilshire Boulevard Unit 2301 [ via AOL Real Estate]