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Listing With "Beary" Little to Show Still Paws its Way to the Top

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On rare occasions, listing-photo fauna takes not the shape of taxidermy elephants but plush cotton playthings for children. The most striking characteristic of this $179,900 Raliegh, N.C., property is not any one of the four bedrooms, nor the moldings, wainscoting, or hardwood flooring, but the giant stuffed bear present in nearly every one of the rooms. First spotted on blog Hooked on Houses, the bear employs a mix of poses ranging from upright and in costume to reposed in the bath to passed out, and, uh, bears a curious resemblance to a certain yellow sculpture that plopped down on Park Avenue in April. As far as staging goes, this is truly formidable work. (Editor's note: we take full responsibility for that headline.)

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