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Shigeru Ban Tapped to Design Massive Cardboard Cathedral

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Cardboard and earthquake-relief master Shigeru Ban has taken a break from selling off $11.5M NYC penthouses and is in the process of designing and building a temporary replacement for an 1864 Anglican cathedral that was destroyed in the massive earthquake that struck New Zealand in February. The modernist architect plans to use 86 heavy-duty cardboard tubes, each weighing 1,100 pounds, to construct the roof; other components include a stained-glass window and a foundation made from shipping containers. When all is said and done, the 80-foot-tall church, aptly located in the town of Christchurch, will hold 700 people and cost $3.5M to build. However, Ban's doing the project pro bono; as he told The Telegraph, "a cardboard structure will stay in the minds of people forever—it is loved by them."

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