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Come Take a Tour Through a $5M Closet Inspired by Chanel

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The fact that the Texas behemoth known as Champ d'Or was price-slashed down to $35M in April didn't stop the HGTV powers-that-be from going in and taking a look. On the most recent episode of Million Dollar Rooms, viewers were given a glimpse of owner Shirley Goldfield's two-story, full-wing, walk-in closet that was inspired by Chanel and is worth some $5M. "I did admire Coco Chanel because she was a woman way before her time," Goldfield explains. "She did things in a world that was all men, and she competed and she succeeded." Speaking of success, this closet drips with its sweet smell. Never mind the rows of quilted bags and racks of designer clothes—those are a given, of course—the boudoir extraordinary also comes outfitted with an 18K gold doorknobs, a vanity with an antique chair purchased in France, an 18K gold chandelier, custom made in Florence for $30K, a custom iron railing modeled after the famed mirrored one in the Chanel store on Rue de Cambon in Paris ("I hope they're not insulted—I think they should be proud"), and a $10K custom area rug with the brand's intersecting-C logo. "When I built this closet, I tried to think of everything that I would need," Goldfield says. Smart woman!

The video:

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