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Behold the Loveliest Chicken Coop the World Has Ever Seen

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Photos by Tiffany Kirchner Dixon/The Fancy Farmgirl

Today in things relating to barn animals, photographer Tiffany Kirchner Dixon, aka blogger The Fancy Farmgirl, has conceived and constructed an utterly mindblowing chicken coop on her farm outside Seattle. Measuring eight-by-12 feet, the structure, which Kirchner Dixon designed with the help of her husband and 12-year-old daughter, houses 30 free-range chickens (including, ever charmingly, ones that lay pastel-colored eggs). Employing a mix of "farm things I have collected over the years"—a cow print hung in a vintage frame, a bunny door stopper for a vintage screen door, and a vintage number "6" sign she found at a flea market (which in its own way designates the address of the coop)—Kirchner Dixon has created a space that would not be out of place in, say, Lonny. As for the chandelier: "I have made myself a goal of having a chandelier in every room of my house, so I thought, 'Why stop there? Let’s put one in the coop too!'" Looks like Dwell does not, in fact, have a monopoly on awesome chicken coops. View the rest of The Fancy Farmgirl's photos over here.

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