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Watch a Guy Couch Surf: Actual Surfing on an Actual Couch

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Someone just have it all: the clear, blue skies over Kootenay Bay, British Columbia, an endless supply of beer, not a care in the world. As we're a fan of anything that takes regular, boring-old furniture and somehow makes it interesting, we were particularly drawn to a fun new video, first posted on blog Geekosystem, of a guy who affixed a ratty old couch to a surfboard, tied it to a boat, and let 'er rip. The less-than-two-minute testament to videographic brilliance, correctly produced by a production company entitled BroShananigans, is oddly mesmerizing; do have a look.

The Video:

· How to Couch Surf For Real [Geekosystem via Gizmodo]
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