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Own a Legit, Honest-to-God, Adirondack-Style Girl Scout Camp

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Here's something different: a full-fledged Girl Scout camp offered up as a prime piece of real estate meat. Built in 1899 for former U.S. Vice President and New York Governor Levi Morton and later purchased by banker Henry Graves, Camp Eagle Island boasts a stone-and-timber main house—with 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, nine fireplaces, and 47,153 square feet—designed by noted Adirondack architect William L. Coulter. The 31-acre property sits on scenic Upper Saranac Lake in upstate New York, offering all the outdoor adventures the country mouse could possible desire. The Girl Scouts operated the camp from 1938 until 2009, when they were forced to shutter it; there's currently a group of former Scouts trying to raise enough money to save it. Doing so, no doubt, will earn them all a mighty huge badge. As for the sum they need: $3.75M.

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