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Here are Five Less Expensive Options on the California Seaside

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The California seashore isn't exactly renowned for being inexpensive. Large waterfront spreads in Malibu are regularly priced in the high eight-figures; Pebble Beach has some notoriously pricey real estate. But the lesser known corners of California offer some decent deals for those looking to get close to the beach without spending multi-millions. This Oxnard, Calif. three-bedroom offers a stupendous deal, considering it's set right on the beach between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and is asking just $300K. Of course, at this price point, the interiors need a total overhaul and your neighbors probably aren't A-list stars. Oh well, there's plenty of sand and surf to distract from those shortcomings.

? Down by the beach in Carmel, houses are trading for millions of dollars. Drive a couple miles up into the hills and two acres with a rustic cabin will run just $325K. It's not exactly what we'd refer to as chic, but having a hideaway beneath the majestic redwoods of mid-coast Cali wouldn't be so bad. The cabin was built in 1925 and features three bedrooms and two baths.

? In Goleta, west of Santa Barbara, this house might be petite and lack a water view, but the interiors have been updated in a more agreeable fashion. The only serious hiccup in the design might be the fluorescent lighting in the kitchen, but that's an easy fix considering the price, $279K.

? Not far from Oxnard, in Ventura, this 874-square-foot two-bedroom cottage lies just a block from the ocean and has a garage, but its virtues are squashed a little by the gray wall-to-wall carpeting. That might be a quick reno, but we're still surprised this place is the most expensive on our list, sneaking in at $499,500.

? Close to that price point is this waterfront condo in Del Mar, a one-bedroom with a shared pool and glorious views from the public spaces. The 782-square-foot unit has plenty of windows and enjoys good light, but there's a mirrored wall in the living room that will have to go. The price is $499K.

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