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Lavish Lakefront Houses in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

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Okay, so Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian houses aren't usually the sort of fare we'd refer to as lavish—after all they were built as middle-class housing just as the depression was starting to ease—but this particular example is something special. Sited on 20 lakeside acres, the low-slung Lovness House (above) has been meticulously maintained and, as Wright's renown has only grown in recent years, now commands a price tag commensurate with the work of America's most famous starchitect: $2.16M Still, the Prarie-style pad in Stillwater, Minn. measures just 1750 square feet, so let's move on to some more spacious, if less stylish, properties.

? This peaked-roof sprawler on Crystal Bay, a branch of the famous Lake Minnetonka, is using a popular Wisconsin sales strategy: playing the Pixar flick Cars while snapping the listing photos (like this $1.9M five-bedroom in Edina). If Pixar's worst picture doesn't quite butter up the next buyers, maybe there's something else in this 6,000-square-foot waterfront mansion they'll find appealing, like the rustic stone detailing, fireplaces, or three-car garage. There had better be something though, because this place is asking an astonishing $3M.

? There's a very similar home set on the shores of Forest Lake, north of Minneapolis. Measuring 7,800 square feet, the lakefront property has the same vaulted ceilings and stone accents as the last one, but is lacking the Pixar touch. Instead, its gimmick is an enormous wine cellar. The adult version perhaps? Well it certainly comes with an adult price: $4.5M.

? For the blown-up Craftsman style, this Alexandria, Minn. doesn't shoot for the drama of its woodsy brethren. Instead, the five-bedroom spread makes the most of those lake views with two levels of decks, screen porches, and patios. The price is less flashy too, at $1.75M.

? For a proper palace on a lake in Minnesota, look no further than the city limits of Minneapolis, where this estate—aspirationally dubbed Brentwood—will cost more than the average Brentwood, Calif. mansion. The 11,400-square-foot main house is just the centerpiece of a 30-acre estate that features two massive guest houses, a '50s-style malt shop, a miniature school playhouse, and a frog-pond fountain. The unique package is up for sale for $14.9M.

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