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Tour the Manse With a Bowling Alley, Lap Pool, and Gun Range

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We briefly looked at the Telluride, Colo., estate of Roxanne Pulitzer (ex-wife of publishing heir Herbert Pulitzer), but today the Wall Street Journal offers the chance to explore the property more thoroughly. And boy, what pleasures we espy! Pulitzer and her now-husband, Tim Boberg, bought the property in its embryonic 8,000-square-foot first life in 2001, and have since expanded it to 23,000 square feet. When Pulitzer asked for a bowling alley for her birthday, Boberg responded, "And just where are you going to jut this bowling alley off?" So instead of not building it, they did what anyone would do: they reasoned that bowling alleys, being long and narrow, would need some other long-and-narrow spaces beside it to create a quote-unquote "normal" shape. What came to mind was a 70-foot lap pool, of course, and a shooting range: "I thought, well, if you put those three together and you'd end up with a space that was kind of along the same dimension of most rooms, it's a little rectangular but it'd work," Boberg explains in the Journal's video tour. Other awesome amenities include a putting green, a waterfall, and a 45-foot-tall replica of a labyrinth in Chartres, France. Yet somehow Boberg still insists, "What makes this house different than most other homes in the area is definitely the outdoors." Good news for those who are looking for something just a bit different: the seven-bedroom estate, on 7.5 acres, is on the market for $19.9M.

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