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The Breathtaking Historic Haciendas of the Mexican Interior

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Mexico has been hit hard in recent years. It turns out a violent drug war tends to dissuade tourists from frequenting our neighbor to the south. That doesn't change the fact that—along with masked policemen and roving gangs—some pretty spectacular real estate is lurking down there, a taste of authentic Spanish colonialism. Located in the northern Yucatan, this massive hacienda is nestled deep in the jungle outside of Merida. The main house, with six bedrooms, cavernous spaces, and colonial archways, would be reason enough to scoop up this lush retreat, but the 33 one-bedroom guest houses—each with its own plunge pool—ensure there's plenty of space for guests. Sadly, the listing broker is being coy about the price of the 48-acre property, but we're estimating a $10M asking price.

? West of Mexico City, in Toluca, this equestrian estate offers sprawling accommodations for both humans and horses. The glorious grounds house 29 stables, including a 14-stall barn, and four riding rings. This one only has seven bedrooms and is more expensive than the Merida manse, though it's much closer to the hustle and bustle of the Mexican capital. How much more expensive remains a mystery, though it looks to be asking something like $12M.

? For those with a taste for ancient history, or those with more limited budgets, this five bedroom sits in Malinalco, an Aztec holy site some two hours west of Mexico City. At $3.85M, this remote valley outpost is a cheaper alternative, but retains the high ceilings, adobe walls, and wide windows of a classic Mexican hacienda. The studio, perfect for large-format art, boasts 40-foot ceilings.

? Back out in the jungles of the Yucatan, this ten bedroom hacienda is probably more than enough for most buyers—because really, who needs 39 bedrooms—and has a price that's much easier to swallow: $2.45M. The town of Izamal doesn't offer up much in the way of distractions, but the three building compound that comprises Hacienda Sacnicté have plenty of architectural quirks to stave off the boredom. And, not that it conveys, but the artwork is something to marvel at also, we just hope that's not an authentic Gustav Klimt braving the steamy weather behind the green drapes in the master bedroom.

? Securing a historical marvel in Mexico doesn't require a Beverly Hills-sized budget, as this 16th-century colonial in San Miguel de Allende attests. The $1M six bedroom sits in a more urban setting than the other's on this list, but has attractive views of the city, a spacious columned courtyard, and the sort of worn glamour that makes these haciendas so appealing.

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