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Rumormongering: Is the $12.2B House Totally, Completely Fake?

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Numbers in the billions have us at hello, but hundreds of thousands of pounds of solid gold and "meteoric stone with shavings of original Dinosaur bone from the 65 million year of Raptor, the T-REX!" is where we draw the cold, hard line of disbelief. Originally covered on blog Luxury Launches, the Swiss creation above, from none other than British designer Stuart Hughes (aka the "King of Bling") is rumored to be the world's most expensive private home, ringing in at $12.2B in construction costs. The project, sited in some undisclosed location near the Italian border in Switzerland, supposedly took more than five years to complete; however, the shots, as one can clearly see, look more like renderings than actual photos. Not to mention the fact that Hughes' credibility is pretty much shot after he completely fabricated the existence of a $5B megayacht made of gold and—again!—those super-fly preserved dinosaur bones. The description on Hughes' official website says the mountainside palace was built for an anonymous private client, but the handful of people in the world who can actually afford a place like this are way too widely publicized to go unnoticed. Just an educated guess.

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