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"Neighbor From Hell" Erects Middle Finger to Flick Off Neighbors

Today in community relations, David Muscat, an ingenious guy who has vexed the Melbourne suburb of Park Orchards by assaulting his neighbors and aiming his leafblower in their faces, has finally achieved his swan song: an enormous wooden sculpture of a middle finger that he carved himself with a chainsaw. Apparently it's been up for a year, but after scads of complaints that the nearly four-foot-high hand is indecent and inappropriate, Muscat has finally pleaded guilty and has been fined approximately $730 for this and all the other charges. Muscat doesn't seem like the kind of gent to get the details wrong, but in an ironic twist, the sculpture had been flicking off his own house this whole time.

· Park Orchards 'neighbour from hell' fined over rude gesture [Manningham Leader via AOL Real Estate]