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Come Take a Tour Through the Real-Life House From Up

Built by Bangerter Homes in Herriman, Utah, and asking $400K, the 2,800-square-foot replica of the house from the Disney/Pixar flick Up has been making waves for weeks now. Luckily for us East Coast-bound spectators, the Utah News has just filmed a video tour of the space with Adam Bangerter, who says the team "really tried to replicate it—just like the outside—down to the wallpaper details [and] the retro light switches that you see in the movie." "Really the only parts of the home that you see in the movie on the inside are the entry room, stairway, [...] living room, [...] a shot of the kitchen table, his master bed, and the nursery," he adds. "Other than that, we had to interpret from the shape and form of the home." After the jump, marvel at the dead-ringer custom furniture, wainscoting, fireplace mantel (upon which even photos are arranged just so), and more.

The Video:

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