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Here Now, a Photo of Philip Johnson Inside the Glass House

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If there's a whiff of fresh air to be found amid this hot, humid, stormy August, it's this arresting shot of architect Philip Johnson, which photographer Todd Eberle snapped in 2003 and published this past April in his dramatic new Rizzoli tome, Empire of Space. The photo brings to life one of Johnson's most famous quotes: "I have very expensive wallpaper," he once said of the landscape surrounding the Glass House, which he completed in 1949 in New Canaan, Conn.

On Aug. 18, as part of the Philip Johnson Glass House Conversations in Context series, Eberle will host a two-hour tour and reception on the grounds. Aspiring wordsmiths can win tickets to the event by doing what comes natural: writing haikus about why they dig modern architecture. Stumped? We highly suggest gazing at the photo above and waiting for those 17 magical syllables to flow.

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