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New Study Finds Millennials Subsist on Roofdecks, Dog Showers

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Folks born between 1979 and 2000, so-called "Echo Boomers," millennials, or Generation Y—those who get their "information via computers, iPads and smartphones"—represent more than a quarter of the U.S. population and, lo and behold, these young'uns are slowly seeping into the housing market. A recent Urban Land Institute study conducted by real estate consulting firm Lachman Associates reveals that many 18 to 32-year-olds plan to buy a place within the next three years, and even if these dreams are shattered by terrible-paying jobs, the rental market will boom as a result. Pulling together results from the ULI study, another conducted by DC-based research firm RCLCO, and quotes from developers aiming to target buildings to this demographic, here's a shorthand list of what millennials find important in terms of housing. Aside from the obvious, that is—price and location:

· Open floorplans
· High ceilings
· Galley kitchens with moveable islands

· Stainless steel appliances
· Hardwood floors
· Granite countertops
· Modern light fixtures
· Two-tone paints
· WiFi in building common areas
· Larger clubhouses
· Roofdecks and courtyards
· Outdoor living rooms, gyms, and bars
· "Rooftop communal gardens, Zip-cars, many bike racks, and electric car charging stations."
· Dog showers and pet parks
· Shared driveways to host barbecues

· Developers Give Gen Y What They Want [Urbanland via Curbed DC]