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In Crime-Ridden South Africa, Five Luxury Oases of Calm

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South Africa might be one of Africa's most advanced countries economically and scientifically, but it continues to suffer from a major crime problem. Though now on the decline, the murder rate is the highest in the industrialized world and carjackings are so common that some upper-income households resort to outfitting their cars with elaborate protection systems. Despite all this, South Africa—like the drug war-plagued Mexico we looked at yesterday—still boasts some beautiful and pricey properties. Located north of Table Mountain, just outside Cape Town, this waterfront three bedroom has spectacular ocean views—perhaps that's why the 6,600-square-foot seaside spread commands such a high price: $6.47M.

? Magnificent views seem to be a common feature for South African homeowners. This $2.15M getaway in the vacation resort town of Simola has lovely views and a contemporary design that helps to capture them. Four bedrooms round out the property, which sure doesn't look like much from the street side.

? Here's a 52,000-square-foot modern palace with plenty of on-site distractions. This $7.5M five bedroom has a full gym, wine cellar, lush grounds, a slick swimming pool, and a walk-in fridge in the kitchen, perfect for stashing rations. It also shares a street in Johannesburg's Coronation Road, home to several foreign ambassadors' residences and consulates.

? South Africa's historic Dutch influence shines through in the ritzy wine region of Stellenbosch, where the architecture has a colonial feel and 11-acres of farmland bordering the Eerste River. With space for horses and five rental cottages for income, the $3.9M mansion makes and idyllic country getaway.

? Also out in Stellenbosch, this estate is mighty similar to the last, with around the same acreage, the same 12 bedrooms, and a similar price tag ($3.6M). The Dutch Colonial main house might be stuck out in the middle of a field, but it also boasts a swimming pool for lazing the day away, perhaps with a glass of wine from the property's private vineyard.

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