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Have a Look Inside an Architect's 78-Square-Foot Apartment

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Remember that woman who pays $700 a month to live in a 90-square-foot apartment in NYC's tony Upper West Side? Yup, that's considered a mansion when compared to the 78-square-foot apartment proudly lived in by architect Luke Clark Tyler. Tyler used to enjoy the lap of luxury in a much larger place (96 square feet, to be precise), but his smaller quarters, which cost him $750 a month, allow for a more enjoyable, more compact existence. "The smaller space you have, the more critical it is to be efficient," he explains in a Fair Companies video tour that was first posted on Curbed NY. Sure, he has to share a bathroom with three neighbors ("You can just hold it five minutes if you have to—whatever!") and he doesn't have a kitchen ("If I have a hankering to cook I can go to a friend's place") but, he points out, "I guess everyone has their own compromises. So I don't have a kitchen, but I'm five minutes from a lot of the activities that I do."

The video:

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